Question 887

Photo by: Eduardo Amorim

23 Responses to “Question 887”

  1. Drew:

    Stop trying; really, it’s just not me. I’m just a curious, restless soul.

  2. Mazl:

    Eat yoghurt …. And lots of it !

  3. Susan:

    Doubt myself

  4. PhoenixRose360:

    giving thanks!

  5. holding your love ones

  6. I will continue to dream big, and swing for the fences.

  7. Angria:

    Well, just as the accompanying picture portrays…riding horses.

  8. breathing.

  9. Cari:

    Ironically – riding my horses! Just like Angria 😉

  10. Kshipra:

    Love those whom i love.

  11. Unbelievaburgers:

    Slappin’ dick in the mouths of bitches who don’t know how to be actin’ right
    Also, staring at the sun

  12. Becky:


  13. annya:


    reading, learning.

    enjoying music.

  14. Dii:

    Ask for forgiveness

  15. Anonymous:

    To make music, always.

  16. Catalina:

    Draw and write. I love to create my own worlds where I control everything, and bad things don’t always have to happen. But somehow, they still do…

  17. Growing, learning, and helping others to grow 🙂

  18. Lucy:

    be happy & mostly satisfied with my life; what Madeline, Becky, and Celes said; i will forever & always be a healthnut (with exceptions), dress for myself (i will be the most fashionable old lady anyone has ever seen, no lie), avoid being flirted with by douches (it reaaally bugs me), and more but I’m too tired to think right now. GOODNIGHT.

  19. Anonymous:

    Smile. Laugh. Love. Anything that makes me happy.

  20. Annabelle:

    Have a soft spot in my heart for dogs, Loving my boyfriend, Traveling,

  21. Me:


  22. Tina:

    Believe in God, family and friends.

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