Question 889

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20 Responses to “Question 889”

  1. Becky:

    that I have never had a job i didn’t love(and I have had quite a few!)

  2. Grace:

    that it’s not over yet

  3. Susan:

    That my life is never dull or boring because my husband and I are always up for a new adventure and love to be active running, cycling, traveling, exploring! Also, the fact that we really love doing things together and being together is pretty darn nice.

  4. Dee:

    The possibilities for every day.

  5. Alicia:

    My beautiful & amazing daughter. She brings me so much joy and makes me so proud everyday. I absolutely love being a Mom. Truly blessed.

  6. Mazl:

    … the freshness of each new day – and that I am still here to see it….!

  7. Travel, and the ability to do what I enjoy.

  8. AdamOdes:

    Freedom to pursue my dreams.

  9. My true friends

  10. living with a passion

  11. Rob:

    Time with those that I love

  12. m:

    That I get to sleep all the time.. I’m still alive and living it.

  13. karina:

    the tiny things in life that make me smile even when life get tough.

  14. Nick:

    my job

  15. Lori:

    My children

  16. Lucy:

    my best friend since third grade. we’ve both shaped each other into the people we are today & I really couldn’t live without her. We’re like the same person at heart but both have our own uniqueness. I love my other friends, but theres no one else I can truly be myself with.<3

    i hope to find a man like that it possible?..or would he have to be gay to fit my standards? no offense to all the guys out there. but you would understand why i have no hope if you ever went to my school & met the selection of boys i have to be associated with.

  17. Priyanka:

    That i am an extremist.. When i enjoy i enjoy at extreme and i work i work like anything but with the same reason when i dont want to work, i really dont work.

    and i do things which comes from my heart..

  18. Annabelle:

    That I’m spending It with the love of my life

  19. Me:

    that am alive

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