Question 892

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20 Responses to “Question 892”

  1. Drew:

    Right now? That I like Metallica and I’ll be going to bed fairly shortly.

  2. Mazl:

    … that I really really like wearing jeans ….that I am easy going…. like the jeans….

  3. Susan:

    My clothes say that I’m physically fit and healthy.

  4. rob:

    On a work day they say that I belong to a well respected professional group (Uniform) Off work hours that I’m here to relax.

  5. steph:

    That I’m becoming an adult

  6. I just wear what’s comfortable. It shows that I’m too lazy to really try and dress up at times.

  7. Leila:

    I am an artist, so I love color and specific color combinations. My clothes are an extension of my vocation; choosing clothes is a creative process and I view the outcome, the outfit, as a work of art.

  8. Henry:

    I hope my clothes and my appearance express professionalism, respectability and expierience.

    I want to be taken seriously.

  9. Robinn:

    My clothes say I don’t want to be noticed at all.

  10. that im covered in poop…bc i am

  11. Lori:

    The clothes I wear everyday…that I don’t care about myself, no one sees me anyway. The clothes that I wear when I FINALY get out of the house…that I try really do care. I really want to live and not just exist! I’m just trapped! UGH!

  12. Ilham:

    fat, creepy and weird.

  13. Strider:

    That I only care about one person’s opinion. Mine.

  14. Christina:

    Geeky, not so fashionable, too lazy to dress up a little and show my personality through clothes.

  15. Lucy:

    that i can feel comfortable looking like crap when I’m just relaxing at home with my best friend, but feel even better when we can step out together in outfits that we feel totally confident in. Like classy but still sexy-ish..not the usual HS sluts that one would usually imagine. I would never feel confident in shorts that showed my cheeks even if I did have a perfect ass. Oh well though, they can present themselves any way they’d like to, all that matters is that I dress in a way that expresses who I am 🙂

  16. Ida:

    That I buy my clothes at second hand shops, and that I have lost a lot of weight and haven’t bought new clothes in a while. Oh, and that I use clothes (shirts) i have gotten from my brother who is 192cm tall (I am 170cm tall).

  17. Annabelle:

    I’m a jeans and t shirt kinda gurl. So laid back, easy going , down to earth.

  18. Me:

    that I am traditional and conservative

  19. Tara:

    This always makes me mad…. Yes people express themselves with their style but CLOTHES ARE JUST CLOTHES!!!

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