Question 894

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  1. Stephanie:


    I’m drained, but from things that are okay. I wrote something at work on Saturday, and the person for whom I wrote it is able to use it. I helped a manager solve a problem. I wrote some code that worked. I counseled a kid. I counseled a parent. I attended my kid’s birthday party, and took photos. I didn’t snack at the office. It’s already Sunday morning, just after 1am, and I’m hoping I have enough in me to get up at 6am to do a sunrise photo shoot. (I’ll crawl back under the covers after the shoot. ;))

    8. Yeah.

    (I like that you had my kind of scale, 0 to 10. :D)

  2. pit:


  3. Susan:

    Today, at this moment, probably a 7. I have a couple of things in my life that prevent it from being a 9 right now. I pray about those things every day and am hopeful that one day my prayers will be answered and those things will be distant memories. But until they do, I use them as ways to become stronger and wiser. I’m not quite sure if a 10 is ever attainable for me since I’m so hard on myself.

  4. Mazl:


  5. blahhh 1.

  6. Rob:

    8. My son goes back to his home tomorrow but he’s still here today:)

  7. hayate_kun:

    7.5..because i just met my secondary school crush ysterday and finally manage to snap a pic wif him..ah~kekekkeke ^///^

  8. 8!

  9. Sushi:

    7. I’m grateful to have spent time talking with my buddies today, even though the conversations weren’t as friendly and warm as they used to be… Just the fact that we are still staying friends, however, is precious to me :”)

  10. karina:




  12. vasl:

    7 🙂

  13. Dii:


  14. ali:

    9! 🙂

  15. Annabelle:

    8. I’m missing a few people that mean so much to me

  16. Unbelievaburgers:

    10! I win!

  17. Me:


  18. Ash:

    6 or less

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