Question 895

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20 Responses to “Question 895”

  1. he is a man! unlike half the wusses i know.

  2. Mazl:

    his kindness, honesty, sense of humour and smile…

  3. Emmy:

    His heart. He’s really and truly a good man – I know that he loves me and he loves God. I’m so grateful to have him as my husband.

  4. Rob:

    The fact that I haven’t found her yet. I like a mystery

  5. m:

    If he sleeps a lot. His smile and eyes.

  6. Kat:

    As corny as it sounds his heart he makes me feel so great about myself and I can see how much he cares for and loves me to me that makes him so much more attractive then just his nice body

  7. Cari:

    By far his masculine, dominant personality. It attracted me from the start and I’ve never looked back!

  8. Alicia:

    The way he is beautiful inside and out, in every way possible, without ever consciously trying to be. <3

  9. Alicia:

    The way he is beautiful inside and out, in every way possible, simply by being himself. <3

  10. Gelly:

    they way she makes me laugh, no matter how down im feeling

  11. Christina:

    His kindness, the way he is always there for me and listens to me, encouraging and helping me.

  12. vasl:

    smile, lips, everything:)

  13. Samicisco:

    His open heart…the way he loves unconditionally in spite of shortcomings.

  14. missy:

    almost everything, more specific, his never ending passion.

  15. Lynn:

    Her integrity.

  16. Kristin:

    His eyes and the way he looks at me with them. His smile. His passion

  17. Annabelle:

    He’s a man… How he makes me feel like a shining star, his kindness, smile and sense of humor

  18. Unbelievaburgers:

    When she looks up at me with her beautiful blue eyes and swallows every drop of my love.

  19. Me:

    Simply put He being He

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