Question 897

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  1. Drew:

    I only have two; How did the universe begin? How was God created? Everything else I can answer with some confidence.

  2. Why are some people deliberately mean?

  3. Mazl:

    ….. why was man given limited intelligence….. was that because we were not expected to understand everything… is that what faith is.. that extra component of believing in something not proven, not seen…. is this God’s way of giving us a choice in having faith – or not

  4. rob:

    There are so many question that I’ll never be able to answer, and so many that I really don’t want answers to. I like thinking about things

  5. Bru:

    What do i really want ???? (never have a concrete answer)

  6. annya:

    what am i passionate about? how do i find it?

  7. karina:

    so many questions with out an answer but i guess the question would be whats my purpose in this life and what do i really want because i don’t seem to figure that out.

  8. dada:


  9. Christina:

    What is my style?

  10. Nobody:

    ” What I am doing with my life ? “

  11. Do I really want to live? There’s so much pain; sometimes, I wonder if it’s worth it in the end.

  12. nikki:

    why she had to die

  13. Lucy:

    so many things…but mainly about why people are the way they are. You’d think that since we’ve been given intelligence that we wouldn’t be where we are today. Not that I haven’t gotten caught up in petty things myself (like making a rude & judgmental comment), but why do we waste all our time & energy focusing on peoples flaws, and being unnecessarily mean to each other? It only makes us even more miserable. Why can’t we just tune-in to ourselves and find out what we truly want? I mean WHAT ARE WE DOING WITH OUR LIVES?!? Have you ever wondered while driving around, “what’s the point of this? what is the point of me getting up and going through the same routine every. single. day.?” I’m only 15, but I still wonder why my parents do it. Really though, it makes me wonder how we could be so intelligent but so ignorant as well. Do you see the animal kingdom waging war with each other? NO. We’re more animalistic than actual animals!! If we weren’t here, do you realize everything would be in balance? What is it with us humans that we have to go against most everything that is actually logical? If any other animal were given intelligence, what would the world be like? Do you think the world would be better off than it is now without humans having intelligence? Is it intelligence that creates selfishness & corruption, or is it just the way humans have used it?
    SORRAAY FOR THE BORING NOVEL…but thats just what I wonder about almost every day.

  14. vasl:

    what is my talent?
    why can’t i easily let go of the past?

  15. Ida:

    Why can’t people understand when they get information and why is it so hard to change ones life

  16. Jonie:

    What do you want to do with your life?

  17. ally:

    Are you happy?

  18. Just.One.:

    Love is….?

  19. ali:

    why really bad things do happen to really good people?

  20. Paul:

    Who are you?

  21. gauravr:

    whom can we completely trust other than parents in this world …????????????

  22. taxlady:

    why did my daughter stop loving me?

  23. D:

    Lucy…You’re not 15.

  24. Brea:

    Where did things go so wrong? Did you ever love me?

  25. Lucy:

    D…..but I am 15… :/

  26. Me:

    Why ME

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