Question 901

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  1. Stephanie:

    Creating art. At present, that’s through photography. In the past it has been through writing and drawing. Where it will be in the future I don’t know, but it *will* be art.

  2. karina:

    same as stephanie but also my passion is to make others laugh and always make a difference in their lives for good.

  3. Drew:


  4. J.M.:


  5. MUSIC. i love playing piano, ukulele, flute, piccolo, marimba, vibraphone, guitar, bass, and just so many more to learn! it’s a universal language. the effect on one’s being is simply indescribable that it ignites a passion in me. I truly want to become a musician, but wouldn’t having your passion as a job ruin it? this conflict still plagues me.

  6. Stacey:


  7. Mazl:

    …playing the piano…. , photography,,,.., dogs, …., cooking….,,cycling.. ,scooting, walking, getting outdoors, remaining positive and resilient … And the passion of the day.. ,whatever that is…

  8. music, people

  9. Rob:

    Stangely it’s changing. I’m still sorting it out at this time.

  10. Stephanie:

    Rob, that’s okay. It’s cool! It’s great you’re allowing it to change. 😀

  11. Me:

    Family ♥

  12. Nick:


  13. libbey:

    social justice

  14. ali:

    hills, ocean, arts

  15. BR:

    working hard in college, traveling, && making deep connections with people

  16. dancing

  17. Annabelle:

    Helping dogs, Traveling, Art

  18. Unbelievaburgers:


  19. Me:


  20. Julia:

    Music, love, discovery.

  21. Bruce:

    Love – I consciously try to ‘Put Love First’ every time I talk to people. They probably don’t notice but I do

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