Question 903

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  1. hesitation

  2. Jackie:

    My very painful past, from childhood until recent. How do you let go of the past, when it keeps creeping up into the present?

  3. To Jackie: what we go through can do one of two things. It breaks us..or it builds us. we are put through a lot so we can know ourselves. Our past will only find us if we haven’t truely moved forward. When we are able to look at our past and see how it has helped us grow..make us stronger..then the past will remain only as a memory..It will not go away because we may need this constant reminder that we are survivors. Once you feel you can agree with these statements, I gaurantee the present will move forward..and you with it.

    best of life to you.

    My answer: the idea of “self”…

  4. Mazl:

    being too self conscious, being poorly judged …

  5. Diana:

    attachments to whatever is holding me back

    emotional baggage


  6. rob:

    A bad habit, the one that haunts me seems to be tough to shake. Time to give it another shot

  7. annya:


  8. zavia:

    To Jackie: time is the biggest healer,when good thing starts to happen,
    bad thing starts to vanished.believe in good and let good things happen.

  9. Marilyn:

    Self doubt

  10. ally:


  11. karina:

    same as jackie and ally.

  12. Gracie P:

    my comfort zone

  13. Manda Panda:


  14. Nina:

    The need to always be right and to vindicate myself.

  15. ali:

    the fear of being judged

  16. The choices i’m currently making!!!!

  17. Me:

    ” Love “

  18. Vanessa:

    Selfish personal interests.

  19. Elle:

    the past

  20. avi:

    my ego

  21. Brea:

    Worrying so much.

  22. mike:

    My impulsive nature

  23. Unbelievaburgers:

    I doesn’t make sense to be a perfectionist and get hung up on getting them *just* right, because you will never be satisfied, as your harshest judge is yourself. Embrace the good work you’ve done already and accept how they are, warts and all. Otherwise, all your time and energy would have been for nothing if you never actually get around to stitching that ladysuit out of those girls. While the dimensions may not be perfectly perfect, take a step back – how many people have a ladysuit as supple and free of aesthetic decay as yours – or have single-handedly taken care of all the kidnapping, moisturizing, hosing, murdering, sewing and tailoring in creating one so exquisite? You must allow your sublime vision to guide your present behavior, for Destiny is not something that falls in your lap overnight (remember how difficult it was getting Destiny into the van as she desperately flailed about?) – you must work at it, bit by bit, part by part, slowly but surely from head to toe, until it takes shape and finally deems YOU worthy of the humble honor of birthing this divine creation into the world.

  24. Me:

    ‘guilt’ of not having done enough for myself

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