Question 904

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22 Responses to “Question 904”

  1. making a lot out of my highschool life at the sacrifice of sleep

  2. Manda Panda:

    making choices, and doing these choices with faith

  3. Mazl:

    maintaining a high level of mental and physical activity whilst enjoying healthy food and relationships … .. .

  4. Dee:

    deciding to get healthy, not to lose weight, but to live with more vitality and energy

  5. rob:

    To spend the time I need to spend with my son

  6. annya:

    deciding to be with him.

  7. ali:

    keep my body fit, strong and healthy

  8. Jack:

    picking to survive and not sink

  9. Me:

    Knowing that life doesn’t last for ever and living my life like it’s my last day each day and enjoy everything for what it’s worth it!

  10. Rita:

    Losing Weight

  11. karina:

    never trusting people

  12. ali:

    That I chose to improve myself, tried to put more meaning to my life.

  13. Rachael:

    For following my passion of horses

  14. Lee-Anne Morgan:

    For leaving him.

  15. avi:

    persistence, faith, patience

  16. Emma:

    not selling out to the first guy who looked my way

  17. To make a better life for us!!!

  18. Patrizia:

    Eating healthy and exercise

  19. Jenny:

    Putting all my faith and trust in my soulmate.

  20. jes:

    For leaving him.

  21. Me:

    to not tolerate people who treat me like crap

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