Question 907

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18 Responses to “Question 907”

  1. after “they” move on. no matter how low it gets, i will hope for better.

  2. Danielle:

    Life is too short.

  3. Felisa:

    It is time to move on when it no longer serves you.

  4. Stephanie:

    To protect your sanity.

  5. Blink:

    When you don’t look forward to it any more.

  6. Nicola:

    Tired of the bullshit; the grass looks greener, etc.

  7. Tapestry:

    It is time to move on, when you are the only one
    who cares for the house in the neighborhood.

  8. Vanessa:

    It’s time to move on when you don’t grow by trying to hold on to it anymore.

  9. Me:

    YOLO ! …don’t waist your time in the past or on things that aren’t worth it!

  10. Kristin:

    when you are sad more often than when you are happy

  11. It’s time to move on when you’re not getting the respect and love you once had!!!! Not worth it to be miserable everyday!!!!

  12. To look for greener and fresher pastures.

  13. Ria:

    When the joy is being sucked out of your life.

  14. Unbelievaburgers:

    You’re wearing a dreadful hat.

  15. sapphire:

    when you feel unhappy and there is no more peace of mind…

  16. Me:

    when the hurt it too much to bear

  17. Eljai:

    When the opportunity to grow in a purposeful direction lies elsewhere, and staying results in stagnation or backwards movement.

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