Question 910

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26 Responses to “Question 910”

  1. Vanessa:

    Think of the reason why I’ve held on for so long.

  2. Reyna:

    Pray. God has a way of keeping me at peace while he figures things out.

  3. Mazl:

    – I never give up on myself – when I think there is nothing left – there is. …. .. ..

  4. I usually give up, but those few times when I still want to hold on are the times I’ll tell myself how close I am to the end of it.

  5. dada:

    go for a long long walk to think over

  6. Me:

    I come and read some good thoughts… but I’m not that easy to go down!

  7. pit:

    go to sleep

  8. rob:

    I remind myself that I’ve come too damn far to quit now.

  9. Tapestry:

    Depends on what it is. You either give up
    or you try. I don’t know. Was my friends
    responce today.

  10. joan:

    finding Marc and angel web site and reading their inspiritual quotes has given me lots of strength to go on.

  11. Patrizia:

    I think everything is about perception, and I try to change my view in different ways

  12. m:

    Sleep.. Pray.

  13. AM:

    keep pushing forward!

  14. avi:

    Remember that in the past God heard you, and did what was the best for you. Same as now he is hearing you and doing what is the best for you. He is allways here, it just takes strength to remember that.

  15. Deb:

    I work, moving my focus on to something mundane, and often what i need to do will come to me

  16. karina:

    same as Vanessa

  17. Helen:

    I go out pretend everything is OK until it is really is.

  18. Erika:

    Like Dory (Finding Nemo) said: just keep swimming…..

  19. Jenny:

    Turn to God, and remember that “He works all things together for the good of those who love Him and are called according to His purpose.” Wondering if that includes you? Then it does. Seek Him.

  20. mac1:

    keep going

  21. Julie:

    Think the reasons why I’m still keep holding on..

  22. Unbelievaburgers:

    Jump off a building as the world descends into Apocalypse all around me.

  23. Me:

    Think of the worst things I have seen till now and realise this is nothing that I can cope up with

  24. Monet:

    Ask myself: Why give up? Is it worth it?

  25. Jenna:

    Bitch to a friend or do drugs.

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