Question 53

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44 Responses to “Question 53”

  1. A Really really realllllly big bong rip usually does the trick….

    not sunflowers :S

  2. Cassie:

    Music, writing, dancing, my pets.

  3. Very very loud rock music.

  4. krissy:

    music, youtube, comics 😀

  5. Hana:

    a hug from someone who I love.

  6. valerie:

    a good laugh with the one’s whom i love and love me.

  7. Jayjay:

    Spending time with someone I love.

  8. Beccaboo:

    Drawing with crayons

  9. Fran:

    horses and my barn girls, singing, writing, family :]

  10. When a baby looks me in the eye and smiles.

  11. Jeff:

    Spending time with someone I love.

  12. Surrounded by bright people and optimistic ideas 🙂

  13. a hug from someone who I love.

  14. Ian:

    When a baby looks me in the eye and smiles.

  15. Erika Lugo:

    When I think about the person that I haven’t met yet that I will be with for the rest of my life.

  16. ryan:


  17. Emily:

    Babies, being with my friends, dancing, funny things.

  18. frolix:

    lately, 50cent’s hits have been the instant fix for me 🙂

  19. Akriti:

    I guess it would be time.
    Backing out a bit.

  20. vicky:

    being with family who love me for myself and my cats and friends…laughing and having a good time….

  21. Mallory:

    Nothing anymore 🙁

  22. Gail:

    the love of my husband and daughters and friends

  23. Gail:

    too quick on the button: the love of and for my husband and daughters and friends
    friends encompassing family and friends

  24. That damn smile of his, I swear. D:

  25. Aimee:


  26. Valerie:

    Flying. ^.^

  27. when it’s petty, dawn always helps me through. when it’s emotional pain, kevin. when it’s kevin, my mom.

  28. LB:

    His smile, and his words. 🙂 I can’t stay sad or upset with him around.

  29. Catie Grace:

    Music. Really loud rock music for when I don’t want to think anymore, happy music when I’m tired of being sad. Music helps me, a lot.

  30. Kacie:


    Or music. Heavy metal or rock.

  31. April:

    My religion.
    People I love.

  32. Evan:


  33. Samantha:

    casey, harold, my true home

  34. Amanda:

    Music. It’s always there, even when no one else is.

  35. Ris:

    Music, my closest friends and their random jokes, and my family

  36. Sabb:

    Music and prayer.

  37. arbi:

    Music, hugs and the smell of the ocean breeze

  38. anon:

    happy music, friends, family, love, helping others, seeing others happy!

  39. Nick:

    Music and some motivation.

  40. Rowena:

    Listening to music. Hugs. Talking with friends.

  41. God, my angels, my beautiful family ad friends.

  42. AM:

    my daughter’s smile 🙂

    Being outdoors, enjoying nature.

  43. AM:

    OH, and SHOPPING! 😉

  44. Sam:


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