Question 912

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  1. Mazl:

    – my dog Holly who died in October last year …. her empty space is everywhere ….

  2. Susan:

    F A M I L Y

  3. A man. Maybe I’m too picky or am attracted to those who live far away, but I really am craving a relationship right now… No one night, cheap stuff… Something real, with intimacy and laughing and holding hands, to help balance my life better!

  4. pit:

    life itself

  5. Erin:

    A sense of purpose to bring me joy

  6. Eric:

    Someone to pour and unleash my love upon and willing to take it. Someone for who I am the centre and most important person in the world for.

  7. Rob:

    Nothing that I can’t create, or re-create with a little more time and effort

  8. maslow:

    Somebody to love and give me purpose

  9. Me:

    Pieces of me everywhere I manage to fail.

  10. Evie:


  11. a sense of security. everything feels so precarious nowadays.

  12. Subtlines:


  13. Really good friends, and my son!!!!!:(

  14. Bmat:

    Nothing really. I decide not to allow myself to feel like there is something missing. Everything is as it should. Challenges are hard, but will make me grow, and happiness is within me.

  15. karina:

    freedom and love

  16. Elle:


  17. khat:

    Lovelife..and a house:))

  18. Drew:

    Loving another person.

  19. dpa:


  20. Unbelievaburgers:

    A wall of photographs of gentlemen between the ages of 18 and 24, with their eyes violently scratched out, posted above a dresser strewn with candles and the blood of the innocent.

  21. Me:


  22. Monet:


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