Question 913

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  1. when em in first crush.

  2. AM:

    25. I decided to stop partying and cut out all of the negative people in my life. I started living a very simple, quiet, peaceful life with my fiance, we became pregnant and had a beautiful baby girl on New Years Day 2011 🙂 She is amazing and I absolutely love being a Mother, therefore love being an adult 🙂 I don’t miss the partying days/drama AT ALL!

  3. dada:

    just this days … and I am 38 !

  4. Tapestry:

    Adult? I felt aware when very small.
    The greater the responsibility, the more adult I felt.
    I was the first of the first born & given to the Grandparents,who were only in thier late 30’s.
    Before kindergarden, they had me reading, doing math & reading maps.
    We took a trip to NewYork. My grandma couldn’t believe that Grandpa let a child under 4 yrs
    old map out the trip. He said, “remember up is North & the hand you write with is East.

  5. Rob:

    Never, there will always be a child inside me. When I’m 50 I’ll still have moments where I’m 6, or 18, or 36.

  6. Emmy:

    23. Lived through a major loss, was diagnosed with PTSD, and found I had the courage to get up each morning and keep walking forward. In some ways it feels like innocence lost, but my faith is stronger and I am a better person for it.

  7. Danielle:

    I’m 22 and still a kid

  8. Debi:

    When I was 10, my mother was diagnosed with a mental illness and I grew up that day to start taking care of mt little sister.

  9. Patrizia:

    When I left the comfort of my house and my country to make a new life for me, 18 years old

  10. Blink:

    I don’t know. I feel like a grown up, with all the responsibilities of bills, rent etc and knowing right from wrong but at the same time I’m still just a big kid.

  11. Anita:

    I have been an adult all my life, but now I’m gradually becoming a child!

  12. Ria:

    23, when I graduated college and got a job in a foreign country.

  13. Ashley:

    At 23 I became an adult. How i respond and speak in life matters immensely, but everything is not about me. What is important to me will be shown in the life i live, so I live according to what is important to me.

  14. Annabelle:

    Hmmm I’m not an adult yet

  15. Drew:

    I’m 18 and I still feel 8. I don’t see myself ever becoming an adult, but I do see myself maturing and moving forwards.

  16. Unbelievaburgers:

    At the onset of Menstruation.

  17. RAKESH:

    I am not adult so far

  18. Me:

    Not yet…still waiting for that moment!

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