Question 919

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23 Responses to “Question 919”

  1. Bruce Lee. Hands down.

  2. Susan:

    Mother Teresa

  3. Mazl:

    Jesus Christ

  4. My mother. And, lucky me, she is mine!

  5. Rob:

    I have a few. Mostly just good friends who show me a better way to live

  6. vithya:

    Myself.I only know my worries, strength,weakness etc,.

  7. avi:

    I choose only God himself. All sons of God need only there father to guide them. Choosing any mentor whom instructs otherwise is far from wise.

  8. Angria:

    My professor. He knows me even better than I know myself sometimes.

  9. Shei:

    it will be Jesus – the one who walk the talk……..

  10. Shei:

    i’ll choose Jesus – the One who walk the talk…

  11. Justis:

    The Doctor in Doctor Who. Even though he lived a long life, it came with powerful wisdoms and truths. I would be eager to learn from him.

  12. mike:


  13. Navyshebee:

    My great grandmother, she live with integrity, through the great depression and the dust bowl, rarely complained, took life in stride , worked hard, was frugal, saved her pennies and put up food for next year, kept her victory garden until the age of 94, did not live in a throw away world, everything could be fixed or re-utilized. I believe in all of those things to this day. Now to try and be like her is big shoes to fill, but i will try. Love you Grandma.

  14. Marc:

    Jim Rohn ! For sure..

  15. karina:


  16. Annabelle:

    My Grandma, Gandhi or Ip Man

  17. JM:

    Anyone? Batman (srry if it sounds… yannoe)

  18. Jessica:

    Ivanya 🙂

  19. Unbelievaburgers:

    Millard Fillmore’s younger, more debonaire brother. Runners up: Larry Flynt, George W. Bush and Courtney Love.

  20. Me:

    Paulo Coelho

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