Question 922

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  1. my significant other

  2. Monte:

    at this moment in time..moochers. to be more specific my 20 year old sister and her g.f..both live in the family home-me, mother, them-, and act like toddlers. I suppose I am asking for good thoughts to help through this awkward situation(mooching)that is causing me stress..

    To all you who have stressors waaayyy more serious than this…my heart goes out to you. Continue to be strong <3

  3. Unruliness

  4. Batman-Marcel:

    Others, cold as ice.

  5. Rob:

    Lately it’s a strange dream I’ve had. Keeps waking me up. It’ll fade.

  6. Susan:

    Health concerns for my son.

  7. Angria:


  8. vithya:

    When a people cheated me who really love and believe.And also a work I prefer to do in my idea, but others not comes to my circle.

  9. Karen:

    I get stressed the most when there is too much stimulation- either visual or auditory. If I can be in a calm environment I can handle just about anything thrown at me.

  10. Mike G:

    Malignant melanoma.

  11. mike:

    My inability to control my own urges and impulses

  12. dada:

    politicians – would it not be better if people have a job and everything they need? You would have enough to steal anyway and no one would hate you and want to kill you

  13. Nick:


  14. AnnB:

    My non creative non emotional job.

  15. karina:

    i think that life itself but school and work=to much stress

  16. najat:

    my huzbend and sons

  17. Jessica:

    My health status

  18. Drew:

    Relationships – of any type.

  19. Persephone:

    My lazyness

  20. Unbelievaburgers:

    Naggers. I just can’t fucking stand them.

  21. Me:

    People who hurt in the name of love

  22. garfield:

    the missus.

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