Question 926

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18 Responses to “Question 926”

  1. Peanut Butter, i am deathly afraid and YES it is a real condition.

  2. Susan:


  3. dada:


  4. AM:

    plastic surgery of any sorts.

  5. Mazl:

    – anything that came from cruel or unnecessary treatment or the killing of animals, eg elephant tusks (ivory). furs etc

  6. Vithya:

    AnythingWhich resemble Lovers and also toys.

  7. Rob:

    The love of another

  8. Mike G:

    A lottery ticket – it’s just a tax on people who can’t do math.

  9. mandy:

    I would never buy love. That has to be given freely without outside influence to truely be love.

  10. Agnessa:

    a fur farm, a chemical plant, a scrap yard

  11. Annabelle:

    Plastic surgery or sports car

  12. Soberly Insane:

    I won’t buy humans…

  13. Jessica:


  14. Unbelievaburgers:

    A gold-and-marble sculpture of Henry Kissinger-as-Greek-God inflicting the deathblow to a partially nude and visibly tumescent Andy Richter as they fight to the death atop a mountain of spam, cotton candy and chrome Schwinn bicycles. Nobody needs that.

  15. RAKESH:

    I will try to that any one doesn’t pain by me

  16. Me:

    A big palatial house with loads of cars which is beyond necessity!

  17. Auspanish:

    Competitive vehicles for racing

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