Question 928

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  1. Agnessa:

    Bonusses for people who already are top earners
    Exit fees for ceo’s
    Gambling on the financial markets

  2. Mazl:

    Retired Prime Ministers, and their partners, who have unlimited access to lifetime first class air travel and other ridiculous ‘perks’ all paid for by the public purse. There should be a time limit…. (Australia)

  3. Batman-Marcel:

    Some hard liquor–/Legalize marijuana
    More lives are ruined by alcohoics.
    Governments complicate everything.
    If an alcoholic, killed someone,theyed be
    banned from purchase,liquor stores could
    swipe their drivers licence. Just make it
    harder to obtain. Pot should be legal.

  4. Karen:

    Batman-Marcel said it all.

  5. Susan:

    Getting married before the age of 30

  6. Amie:

    Raising children before you are you are no longer a child.

    Getting paid to be a religious leader.

  7. vithya:

    Traveling in a train in first class compartment for passholders.

  8. LulĂșM:

    Vodka goddamnit!

  9. qkslvr:

    For people to keep asking ‘are you alright?’ When you very clearly aren’t, as if repeatedly asking could make you feel alright.

  10. psi2244:

    Refined Sugar

  11. Claudia:

    Advertising something as healthy when it’s not

    Allowing soldiers to come back from war and go back to society without meaningful psycological evaluation/treatment or allowing them to go into war without proper psycological support. They go through a lot! The last thing they need is for people to look the other way.

    Raising a child if you are in an abusive marriage of any kind.

  12. Simone:

    Amie, like your answers! My answer: Stupidity, and PAC’s (political action committees). Also, I think there should be a strict ban on incentives from drug companies to the medical community and various groups being able to take trips and write them off as business or religious programs.

  13. ROBERT:

    indoor Cigarrette smoking when children and/or a nonsmoking marriage partner is present ….

  14. Paladin:

    Religion, especially the “revealed” religions.

  15. Navyshebee:

    The high slaries our senators and congress make, and continue to make after they are out of office. they should make the middle class average wage and pay for thier own medical insurance when they are out of office, not continue to let the tax payer pay it. Many of our elected officals have other avenues of income and many are very wealthy. It is an abomination we the taxpayer should continue to pay them for not working.

    The recinding of Prohibition brought us out of the great depression, why not legalize marijuana, and let the States regulat it, tax it, let those who utilize it for medical purposes grow for their own use (no Tax). but hsve hefty penalties if they sell it with out a business liscense and taxation for the state. Many studies world wide have shown it to be effective for certain disorders and medical prolems with less side effects than conventional pharmacy , big drug companies back the war on drugs for fear it will cut into thier profit.This might do what Liquior did in the Depression..Just a thought.

  16. Unbelievaburgers:

    All the bad things should be illegal and the good things should be mandatory but like free and stuff. For everyone everywhere forever.

  17. unx:

    aeorsols…… too many young people lose their lives this way

  18. RAKESH:


  19. Me:

    to hurt others beyond repair

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