Question 55

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  1. Dicey:

    You block your dreams when you allow your fear to grow bigger than your faith.

  2. NO! I think I always worried for the worst situation in the past.
    Now I try to think about the worst situation, shrugg off the fear at it, then move on with light head 😛

  3. Fran:

    yep, it did.

  4. Hannah:

    i’ve always been afraid of tornadoes and one day one hit the town I live in.

  5. Kitty:

    I see spiders all the time.

  6. robert:

    aliens…not yet haha

  7. KRD:

    Yes, When I broke up with my girlfriend. But looking back, I shouldn’t have feared something that would make me a better person.

  8. melinda:

    yeah, i have a fear of seeing/hearing people vomiting. you feel sick? GO AWAY NOW.

  9. valerie:

    No, and it never will.

  10. Cassie:


  11. Yes, When I broke up with my girlfriend. But looking back, I shouldn’t have feared something that would make me a better person.

  12. Krishna:

    Yeah many times, i was helpless during that period

  13. giovanna:

    my worst fear was always that i would wake up and find out that my best friend had killed himself. thankfully, he got help before i had to experience it.

  14. Kayleigh:

    Not yet. But the day it does, I don’t know what I’ll do.

  15. Adel:

    Biggest fear is death. I grazed it. Now, I’m just living till I die, not really worrying about it.

  16. zauhra:

    yes it has. fear will always get you in the end, better to live life not fearing anything.

  17. Laura:

    Yes, innocence was my biggest weakness, and my greatest nightmare.

  18. Laura:

    Yes. Being by myself, in my own apartment, as a tornado spun through.. not even a mile and a half away from my complex. All alone, no radio or friends or family – most scared I’ve been in all my Life.

  19. Babs:

    No, but I know it will. Because even though I’m only 15, I’ve (luckily) realized way before everyone else that my parents are the greatest people in the world. I love them just as much as me. But one day, I know that they’ll die and I’ll have nobody to turn to.
    But my fear has to happen like that. There’s no other way. Because if they outlived me, then their pain would be greater than mine.

  20. Kyung:

    I didn’t know it was my greatest fear until it happened

  21. Judith Ripka:

    WELL… MY FAVORITE FOOD IS TURKEY. Oh baby… And I fear Kim Juong Il will take away Thanksgiving. God Bless all the turkey’s in the world. And P.S., the world is suffering.

  22. Not yet and, by god, I hope it never does.

  23. it’s actually that i’ll always be alone. and honestly, only time will tell.

  24. Justin:

    Mine is being alone. Even though I am young, I think it will. But I think if you accept that fear as who you are, it wouldn’t be that scary anymore

  25. Lindsey:

    No, only because I haven’t had children yet, but I hope it never does (it’s my children dying young or before me).

  26. April:

    I don’t think so. I’m not really sure what my greatest fear is. Losing those I love? Maybe, but I know I’ll see them again. I’m unsure.

  27. Janie:

    I think once your greatest fear comes true, it is no longer your greatest fear. Simply because you survived the experience and have to find something else you don’t think you would survive.

  28. Amanda:

    Yes. And it hurt more then ever

  29. Anon...:

    Yes, and no.

  30. Emma:

    Yes, not being able to tell my family wat was wrong and not having them by my side

  31. Ris:

    It has almost come true twice, but I stopped it from happening. I just only hope it never happens again.

  32. dani:

    yes and no. my greatest fear is sharks. i go into panics with crying and screaming. so i have been around fake plaster sharks and gone into panics. i have seen small real sharks and ran from the tank they were in. and i have jumped and screamed at picture throw in my face (as a joke to scare me). but i have never been in the water with one, and i never will because i never go in open water.

  33. Nick:

    I think so.

  34. Emma:

    I lost my sisters for nearly a year, the year that I needed them the most.

  35. Kristen Deneuve:

    Yes. Many, many times. I guess partly because I’m afraid of many things and partially because I’m the unluckiest person in the world and partially because I have a talent for fucking everything up.

  36. Joey:

    yes, i put a drill bit in my hand

  37. Rowena:

    That the ones I love are going to die? … not yet…

  38. P.J.:

    Yes. My best friend of 30 years made it happen. And the PTSD is lots of fun, too.

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