Question 933

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  1. Susan:


  2. Mazl:

    the ability of being content whatever the circumstances…

  3. AM:

    Love ♥

  4. george:

    being happy and thankfull with what he / she has got

  5. feeling pure satisfaction with one’s life

  6. Simone:

    Money! And a sense of well-being, not contentment exactly, but overall things going well and being grateful for it.

  7. Alex:

    I used to always think that it was money, but when my uncle passed away due to cancer, I learned that money isn’t it at all at his funeral. He used to be a stand up comedian, even made it onto the Tonight Show back in the early 90s. He never made it huge, never made a ton of money or had the nicest of things. But there at his funeral, there were over 200 people, and every one of them had a memory or story to share about my uncle. He touched so many people’s lives, it was incredible. But when you pass away, and at the very end, you have that many people that show up from across the country who can actually be considered friends, that is what it is. That is truly rich. On a scale that many people simply will never understand.

  8. Nick:


  9. Friends

  10. Unbelievaburgers:

    Having bitches who will frolic half-naked at my command. And do other things. Horrible, unspeakable things. Just to satisfy any passing whimsy I may have on a given morning.
    Also, having a pony.

  11. RAKESH:

    who support in any problem when we catch in seriously, and this person only FRIENDS because we can everything from them so FRIEND

  12. Contentment with what they have…

  13. Me:

    Being loved

  14. akhter:

    A heart free of hatred and filled with love.

  15. KK:

    Peace of mind.

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