Question 937

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  1. where the heart is ♥

  2. Susan:

    Home is where you feel safe and loved unconditionally.

  3. Tapestry:


  4. Rob:

    For me it’s time. I need time to settle into a new place, time to get comfortable with the place and the surroundings, then make a few memories.

  5. Ashley:

    For me, a place does not feel like home if I’m alone. When I know there will be someone there to talk to, to enjoy my time with, then it is home.

  6. Simone:

    I second what Ashley said. Preferably, that’s family, but it could also be having friends over I feel close to, a pet to welcome me home, or perhaps a roommate who shares a flat with me.

  7. Mazl:


  8. chels:

    The love you receive, the love you give. Feeling safe, in the environment, with the people, spiritually, physically. Where you feel accepted. You make the home. You could be anywhere, and if it feels safe to reveal “you” you are home.

  9. vithya:

    Where the people sharing all feelings, understand each other and sacrifice anything for anyone in that place. Especially there is nothing in that place but feel like there are living in palace. Simply Homes should makes all are living in a Palace not a place.

  10. Batman-Marcel:

    What makes home a home? The vibe.

  11. Unbelievaburgers:

    You can’t spell “home” without ME… and a HO.

  12. RAKESH:


  13. Me:

    Love and laughter coupled with togetherness!

  14. Julia:

    Security and laughter

  15. philo:

    love., and happiness without selfishness

  16. Slyfox:

    wood, drywall, cement, etc…

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