Question 56

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  1. When they are near us we enjoy their natural company, when they are away we let our misses fill the gap, so it’s OK 🙂
    And if we can treasue them more while they are near, and comfort us with better memories while they are away, it would be even super 😛

  2. Krishna:

    because we tend to realize many things in their absence

  3. valerie:

    unresolved issues.

  4. Cassie:

    “You don’t know what you have till its gone.”


    Because we miss them and we realize what a great joy they were.

  5. yasu:

    when they gone.its all

  6. ryan:

    human nature.

  7. katie.:

    You realize how much you miss them, and you look at the moments you could have had together.
    You never know what you have till it’s gone.

  8. Lili:

    It’s always the little things. You think of something or experience something, and you think, “Oh, I need to call them and tell them.” Just knowing that they are there is what you tend to miss the most.

  9. Akriti:

    Because we unconsciously take their presence for granted on a day-to-day basis. We get comfortable with them, which is a good thing, in fact.

    No one randomly calls up someone and thanks that person for being a part of their life.
    Unless it’s a boyfriend/girlfriend etc.
    But people should. 🙂

  10. Mike:

    Because we realize there is no longer any chance to make amends for our regrets.

  11. bo-lee bo-lee-bo:

    we don’t

  12. Courtney:

    I never thought he would be gone:(

  13. We take people for granted.

    And after they’re gone, you notice little things that they would’ve changed. Perhaps the magnets on the fridge are a tad out-of-order but they would’ve fixed that in a second, for example. And then that starts off a whole chain of memories.

  14. Flower:

    I never really looked too deep in to this quote until recently but truly… You never know what you’ve got till it’s gone..
    Some of us are lucky to get back what we lost.

  15. because that’s when we realize how important they are. noticing that the little things matter more than anything makes you miss someone a lot faster.

  16. alexa:

    because we take everything for granted. we just don’t realize what we have until it’s gone… in a lot of different ways.

  17. April:

    The heart grows fonder in absence? I think we take people for granted just like everything else in life.

  18. kristen:

    because we’re selfish &we all want what we cannot have.

  19. fleur:

    Because its only then that we realize how much we need/want/love them.

  20. Amanda:

    Because day by day we tend to take things for granted. When people are gone, we open are eyes and realize how important they were.

  21. Ris:

    We never see how much the little things a person would do meant to us until you realize that thing is missing from your life.

  22. Roxy:

    Because once they’re gone, we can’t make anymore memories with them, so we go back to the ones we already made to make it seem like they’re still there.

  23. Jomz:

    You kept memories with them and realize what is it to be without them.

  24. Nick:

    I think that’s the moment when you realize the value of this person. You start to reminisce the moments you have with this person. That person being gone means you will not anymore see them doing the things you usually see them do.

  25. Kristen Deneuve:

    I thought about him all the time. Every waking moment of the day. Every time I saw a guitar or somebody wore something blue or my cat licked my fingers. Every single goddamned moment. And now he is dead. And for some unfathomable reason I think about him even more, even though I thought that was technically impossible.

  26. Rowena:

    Because we KNOW we can’t see them again. If you knew you could see them, they would barely be on your mind. If you knew you couldn’t see them… they would be hard to stop thinking about…

  27. Eljai:

    this is not true for me. I think of others when they are in my life and I spend time with them, relate to them and communicate with them. In many ways I am an “out of life, out of mind” person. I maintain fond memories, but I do the same with people who are still actively in my life as well.

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