Question 939

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25 Responses to “Question 939”

  1. I am not my own.

  2. Shelley:

    I am not the daughter you raised, or the girlfriend you abused, or the wife you cheated on, or the mother you hoped for.

  3. Mazl:

    a male

  4. Agnessa:

    a cup of tea, a bar of chocolate, a dinky toy, a can opener, a cell phone, a cactus, an insect, a carpet, a car, an apple, a combine harvester, a rudder, a snow storm, a tundra… you name it, so many animate and inanimate object or phenomena that I’m not!

  5. Susan:


  6. Rob:

    A fake, it’s taken me a long time to know and appreciate myself. Those who can’t handle me aren’t meant to be in my life

  7. dada:

    in love

  8. Persephone:


  9. Henry:

    I’m not unbroken…

  10. ani:

    i’m not an extrovert, not the partying kind.

  11. vithya:

    Im not a stone

  12. Ashley:

    I agree with Rob. I am not a fake, nor will I ever be. I will be kind, polite, and professional, but that does not make me fake.

  13. Savitri:


  14. Annabelle:


  15. Unbelievaburgers:

    I am not Herbert. I am not Herbert. I am not Herbert.

  16. I am not a senseless being…

  17. Me:


  18. thelocalmaniac:

    I am not out of love with you.

  19. shay:

    The girl next door!!

  20. Jaki:

    Stupid, ugly, fat, or selfish.

  21. Monique:

    The same person I was BEFORE cancer.

  22. philo:

    im nt perfect, but learing lot through imperfeatness.

  23. Slyfox:

    A water droplet

  24. Amy:


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