Question 941

Photo by: Bernat Casero

9 Responses to “Question 941”

  1. Susan:

    Forget your age and certainly, never act your age!

  2. Rob:

    Challenge yourself. Never stop learning. Share what you’ve learned. Remind others why you love them

  3. Unbelievaburgers:

    Get pregnant. As much as possible.

  4. live with a passion.

  5. Get some decent Sleep 🙂

    Studies show that a number of the population would be up until 12-3am watching TV.

    If the decision has to be between TV or sleep, choose Sleep.
    …between TV or Sex, choose Sex.
    …between TV or simple chit chat with a love one, choose Simple chit chat

    Sleep has more beneficial and relaxing effects than watching TV.

  6. Me:

    Be happy!

  7. Slyfox:

    not jumping off swings

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