Question 942

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  1. Peter:

    Very caring . Even in pain always keeps the family together . Best example for loving & sharing.

  2. Susan:

    She was happiest when she was giving to her children something they wanted or needed that they could not provide for themselves.

  3. Rob:

    My Mom has always been there for me. I can’t pick one memory, she’s more of an long term guide in this life.

  4. Unbelievaburgers:

    I’ll never forget that magical night… Just myself, Mother, and a beautiful beach all to ourselves, the moonlight zig-zagging across the sea, dancing their sensual dance just for us… the gentle sounds of the surf crashing upon our entwined bodies, coming in wave after wave – in harmonic synchrony with ourselves. What happened next we’ll forever keep between ourselves and our adorable little angel… Hands-down, Best Night Ever.

  5. Debi:

    Dancing to Elvis records. She taught me how to do the twist. Sweet memories. She’s been gone a long time, I still miss her daily. Luv u MOM!

  6. anon:

    When she would read Little House on the Prairie to us before we went to bed.

  7. Christina:

    When I was little she would help me get dressed. The hardest part was always getting my pantyhose on so she would literally lift me into the air as she was putting them on. We used to laugh so much — me because the jumping sensation was funny and she because my laughter was contagious. I have so many great childhood memories with my mother.

  8. Me:

    Every moment till the time I was 10!!

  9. SwagQueen:

    doinn methh mm 😉

  10. Jen:

    My mother standing in the kitchen with her apron on bake Christmas cookies and singing carols to herself and leaving enough cookie dough for me and my sister to fight over

  11. Eljai:

    When she would pretend she was Hortense McGillicutty Snodgrass Charming while she pulled dandelions in the lawn

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