Question 943

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30 Responses to “Question 943”

  1. Stephanie:

    Lies. /(v_v)\

  2. they push the societal norms in a way that becomes distinctively unpleasant that they fuel with just mainly ignorance and stupidity.

  3. Mazl:


  4. Rob:

    I can learn a lot about a person by how they treat someone who can do nothing for them. If you treat people like they are beneath you, I’ll not have any respect for you

  5. Susan:

    Respect is lost when one intentionally harms another living thing

  6. Charlotte Elyse:

    When they say something but do the opposite

  7. AJ:

    Changing the font on an awesome website. it’s so much uglier now!

  8. Sandara:

    Deceitfulness. Deliberate cruelty.

  9. Mandy:

    When they stop respecting others or me.

  10. dada:

    putting my life in danger

  11. m:

    When the other person demands respect instead of earning it

  12. ani:

    same as stephanie, mazi, and m – lies, cheating, and demanding respect rather than earning it

  13. T:

    I would have to say lying. It’s the ugliest thing in the world.

  14. Annabelle:


  15. Unbelievaburgers:

    If they deliberately poisoned a child and made it look like someone else did it and their plan ultimately didn’t work out anyway so they ended up hurting the poor kid for no reason which may have otherwise justified it.

  16. Donna:

    When they keep breaking promises and think nothing of it. Lie over and over and cheating (which would be #1 actually) That instant disrespect!

  17. austin:

    forr who i am i cant really say much because i cant judge we all have our mistakes and things we wish we nbever did the only way that i would lose any respect for someone is if they never regretted anything they did wrong but being a christian i also must have mercy on them because they are just lost and need to have someone point the way to the light

  18. Their Disrespect towards others and their feelings…

  19. Gina:

    I lose my respect for another when I perceive a habitually proud and arrogant attitude toward others.

  20. Me:

    Lies and fake behaviour

  21. Me:

    Definitely being lied to

  22. Erisasnakeinmahboot:

    When they have pushed the limits and gone deliberatly out of their way to make sure that your life is less important than yours. Also when someone who you go out of your way to make happy never appreciates it, or reciprocates it.

  23. Me:

    When they disrespect basic human rights.

  24. Jaki:

    When s/he knowingly disrespects or puts down another person, even if it’s not me and even if it’s towards someone I dislike.

  25. Eljai:

    When they are purposely mean to others, including animals.

  26. philo:

    when others are not even ready to listen wat im saying.

  27. psylenser:


  28. Slyfox:

    why does she have a scar on her neck?

  29. Karl:

    Stupidity paired with power

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