Question 944

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23 Responses to “Question 944”

  1. The place they fear the most.

  2. Francois:

    Your self!

  3. Susan:

    The place where you’re near death, but then survive.

  4. Tapestry:

    Costa Rica

  5. Batman-Marcel:

    The person in this world who loved & you loved the most.

  6. Rob:

    The White Rim Trail, Moab Utah

  7. Serena:

    The place they’ve most wanted to see!

  8. Henry:

    A place they can call home…

  9. Charlotte Elyse:

    A third world country…so they can see how lucky they are, and so they help someone in it that’s not so lucky.

  10. a place with good food and a warm atmosphere

  11. Annabelle:


  12. Mazl:

    My local park – at the end of my street where the kids play, the dogs run free and the neighbors can enjoy a friendly wave or chat…..

  13. Unbelievaburgers:

    The Sun.

  14. A Price:

    any place where you stand in awe and realize how small you really are in the grand scheme of things

  15. Talia:

    Everyone should either sit under a sky full of stars in an empty field, so you can see all the stars! Or the Aurora Lights!!!

  16. Skip:

    The cross and the God who loves them and died for them there.

  17. Kris:

    The mountains.

  18. Jassi:

    Rio de janeiro and machu pichu..

  19. Finesterre, Galicia, Spain. “The end of the world.”

  20. Me:

    Where their heart takes them!

  21. Monet:

    Italy, Rome. Beautiful place.

  22. Monet:

    Rome, Italy. Beautiful place.

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