Question 946

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  1. my shoulders.

  2. dada:

    not be able to help loving one

  3. Mazl:

    not being ‘mothered’ by my mother

  4. Batman-Marcel:

    Not To sound like the commercial,
    but Depression Hurts. It can hurt down
    to the bones in your body. Terrible.

  5. Susan:

    When you see a loved one being robbed of their life and there’s nothing you can do but feel totally helpless.

  6. Agnessa:

    old memories, traumas

  7. Coming to the conclusion that the person you love doesn’t love you in return.

  8. Rob:

    Growth is quite often painful

  9. Silvia:

    Realizing some things will never be the way you want them to be.

  10. Karen:

    Permanent nerve damage after a disease that I “shouldn’t” have even gotten for another 30 years (shingles).

  11. Ashley:

    the realization that the man i married is not the man i was hoping for.

  12. Inge:

    Having to hurt someone you love, and mightless watching them cry.

  13. Deb T:

    Discovering that certain people in your life are not to be trusted so you have to let them go. Some cannot be trusted with your love, some with your friendship.

  14. austin:

    to me the thing that hurtsa is not getting to be myself that i dont stand for who i am that i always let other people tread on who i was and i never stood up for who i was but u know what i am \stronger now and i am ready to fight another day

  15. david:

    being stabbed

  16. Julia:

    Have you ever seen the movie V for Vendetta? Both characters in the movie experience that one single moment that changes their entire life. When you break free of everything holding you back, when you become someone else entirely. Those moments hurt the most because it causes you to look deep inside you, where you’ve never dared to look before, and you see everything clearly. All your past, all your thoughts, wishes, dreams. All your pain and other human emotions like hate and anger. And only when you experience that one moment can you move forward. It’s the kind of moment that sends fear coursing down into the inside of your bones, and yet it is enlightening at the same time. Those moments hurt the most, but only by experiencing them can you move forward and become the person you’ve always wanted to be. That kind of moment hasn’t happened to me yet, but when it does, nothing will be the same again.

  17. Kris:

    Seeing my grandmother die was very painful to me, but nothing compares to the pain I felt when I found out my husband was cheating and lying to me. Live and learn.

  18. Daniela:


  19. Christina:

    the guilt left over in the aftermath of a suicide

  20. Unbelievaburgers:

    Welding my penis off.

  21. brianna:


  22. Me:

    To be taken for granted!

  23. Monet:

    Being lied to.

  24. Tina:

    Knowing somewhere in the world right now a child is being abused and neglected.

  25. Susn:

    When two people meet like a lightning from a blue sky, fall in unconditional love. But life is to complicated to let it be beautiful, so both have to let go of the best thing they have ever experienced and felt. Knowing they both will never love another full hearted, because their heart will always belong to someone else….

  26. Alicia:

    missing the loved ones I have lost.

  27. thelocalmaniac:

    That I lost him, even after he promised and I promised that it would never occur.

  28. shay:

    Not being with my son!!!!:(

  29. Julie:

    when he said he needs 25hrs. and doesn’t have time for me.

  30. Steph:

    The loss of a loved one…it hurts so much

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