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  1. Annual school sports competition was always lovely memory for me.

    I run 100m, 200m, 4*100m, 4*200m every year and always so nervous to hear the fire shot and always run after the shot is already in the air for awhile:)
    I don’t always win in 100m, but I always think myself as a champion~
    I pick everything I want to eat in the world in that one day~
    Right after the competition is finished, I eagerly wait for the one in next year:P

  2. Cassie:

    Being at a farm in Westby, Montana, hearing stories about my grandfathers childhood.

  3. Krishna:

    In summer me and my cousins would go to our village and play a lot in the fields, slide from the top of the grass heap, and in the evening all of us used to jump in a small tank sort of thing which was constructed in the washroom for storing water, get shuntings from grand mom. Once all of us went to eat omlet in one of our farmers house, by the time we came back our uncle was indoors and didnt allow us inside the house for eating EGG, though managed to enter later. Wish al those days are back again 🙂

  4. valerie:

    Swinging on the swingset and singing my heart out
    on beautiful summer afternoons.

  5. Fran:

    roaming the streets like tramps with my best girl friend and some of the guys in the neighborhood in 8th grade…we though we were so grown up!!

  6. Romer Jed:

    I have two…

    My best girl friend (not girlfriend, girl [space] friend) and I spending a long night staring up at the stars and talking about everything and nothing.

    And my best guy friend (as mentioned above) and I chilling at the baseball field near my house and laughing with everyone over the stupid things that were happening all around us and joining in on them as well.

    Oh and one time during a snow storm, I spent it with my best girl friend and 2 other people playing around and building a snow fort.

  7. Bel:

    well, im still a child, but i think when i grow up my best childhood memory will be me and one of my best friends finding a little space of hidden beautiful wildlife behind a bunch of houses.

  8. Jen:

    Sitting my mother’s lap on christmas day, when I was 7, as she was teaching me how to knit with the knitting set and red wool I had gotten that day.

  9. Laura:

    I have a few but my three most greatest memories were:

    One was when my dad normal just before his accident and he used to build us doll houses out of Lego we got as a toy one year.

    then the next one was when I was 7 and I rode a horse for the very first time and felt freedom embrace me.

    The last but definitely not least one was when my younger sister molly was born I love her more than life itself.

  10. EmilyBee:

    hanging around in my special place. pen wars wih my sister. tic tac toe with my sister.

  11. Playing in the heavy rain.

  12. Gail:

    I love reading the answers here.
    Some of the best times of my childhood were the visits to the places of my parents’ childhood; my grandmother’s house where I was certain the paintings on the walls were done by my mother although later I was told I was wrong…; my grandfather’s orchard where my father collected scions to graft his own trees…; the house with the wraparound verandah built by my father, with the tire swing on a long roped in the front yard. I felt I was being allowed to enter an idyllic era, very unlike the one of my own childhood, where there were no longer angels, and where Santa Claus was a stand in.

  13. Christine:

    Day trips in the summer with my Dad in his 1972 Chevelle.

  14. All the stupid mistakes I made that I now smile about.

  15. barefoot summers. having my cousin over every night of the summer. pulling over next to peach orchards and picking the fruit right off of the tree. playing pretend. not knowing that there was any bad in the world. my biggest pain being getting a thorn in my foot. hugging my mom and feeling complete. knowing my dad would do anything for me.

  16. April:

    Oh there’s so many…
    Sitting on top of the car as a three-year-old singing my heart out. I sang Truly Madly Deeply by Savage Garden often. “I wanna stand with you on a mountainnnnnnnnn! I wanna bathe with you in the seaaaaa!” hahaha

  17. Amanda:

    Holidays with my family

  18. Ris:

    Spending the days before I started school with my grandpa, the only member of my biological family that I ever truly loved.

  19. Sarah:

    The Parachute games I always played with my cousins using my Papa’s old war chutes.

  20. Nick:

    The first time my family had some kind of Kris Kringle. We still do it every Christmas.

  21. Rowena:

    My years growing up in Washington.

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