Question 951

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11 Responses to “Question 951”

  1. Rob:

    I try not to. I try to learn from my errors and make better choices as I move forward. If there are regrets I hold onto they are the moments when I have hurt another because of my poor decisions.

  2. Stephanie:

    As with Rob, I too live with no regrets. I will make changes in my life as needed, but always move forward.

  3. My regrets are accumulating, and I think it might be a sign to move on. To change so drastically is scary.

  4. Susan:

    While I do regret every major mistake I’ve ever made, I also recognize that I’ve learned invaluable lessons from those mistakes as well.

  5. Batman-Marcel:

    I check my Regret Meter, so I stay within
    my comfort zone. Regrets? None.

  6. Not trying harder.

  7. Debbie:

    The pain that I have caused others. And I always will.

  8. luna:

    Staying in a relationship for years after i knew i was not in love because it was easier than facing the guilt & fear of breaking up. ( I finally did the right thing )

  9. Christina:

    Never expressing how I truly felt before it was too late.

    I also regret not going into a mental institution to get help for myself when I so desperately needed it.

  10. Me:

    I regret all the hurt that i have gathered over the past few years.

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