Question 953

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  1. I can still feel happiness. There’s so many reasons to be sad, but it makes the happiness that much more valuable.

  2. Unbelievaburgers:

    I love blowing things.

  3. Susan:

    I have a husband that adores me, a great job and a very blessed life.

  4. True friendships

  5. Rob:

    I woke up. That’s all I need. It’s going to be a great day

  6. Ashley:

    In 14 minutes, 8 children will arrive on two small yellow buses. Those children call me teacher.

  7. AdamOdes:

    The freedom to act and create my destiny.

  8. I finally realized the only person’s opinion that really matters, is my OWN!!!

  9. My dog Pepper greets me enthusiastically every day – every time I come home – EVERY time!

  10. Stephanie:

    My daughter. I love her absolutely. I’m working on my own life, which is dark. That said, my daughter is perfect sunshine. She’s the best thing that ever happened to me. She’s a wonderful kiddo, even as a teenager.

  11. Stephanie:

    Jeannie, isn’t it great?!

  12. dada:

    I am back from the dark side 🙂

  13. dada:

    and I just realized that I want from now on only the best for myself!

  14. Kris:

    My family, and that I have a job that makes me feel like I’m making a difference. I work with children.

  15. Talia:

    That my husband and I are in a really good place.

  16. Me:

    because I have been through the worst to reach here and will over come this too!

  17. chelsea:

    i spent it letting go and forgiving the past.. love is stronger than any vice.
    i also learnt you stand up and speak for yourself- in order for a relationship to strengthen (even if it is the relationship with oneself)

  18. Monet:

    Because I had a second chance at life.

  19. Brittany:

    I am currently living my dream and pursuing my goals. No matter how difficult it is, this is what I’ve wanted.

  20. SSMM:

    That today is another gift from my beloved God.

  21. Alicia:

    My beautiful daughter!

  22. Rachel:

    I’m getting on a plane to Europe tomorrow – running away from home is the best decision I’ve made all year.

  23. thelocalmaniac:

    I ate pumpkin pie AND coffee ice cream simultaneously. I am on a role!

  24. DaaaWeeveQueen:

    I JUST GOT AN ABORTISTION!!!! #luvmylife

  25. Julie:

    that i don’t have to hide what am really feel..

  26. God has gifted me another shot at life, for the 25th time. I wrote about it here:

    Thanks, Thought Questions.

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