Question 955

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13 Responses to “Question 955”

  1. I want to improve my relationships with others in my life. It’s going by fast enough that I know this time isn’t meant for wasting.

  2. Mazl:

    a nore compassionate and respectful attitude towards animals

  3. Susan:

    Family relationships

  4. Rob:

    I hope to be able to love myself more as time moves forward, for I can never let anyone love me more than I love myself

  5. Sheree:

    my future.

  6. Rich:

    Change my relationship with my wife and help her through her addicition to alcohol.

  7. Eva Marie:

    The world

  8. Me:

    my emotional dependency on people around me

  9. Blink:

    The belief and negativity of those who believe the world cannot be changed or that hard work is without reward.

  10. Karina:

    My life and future

  11. Sin

  12. SSMM:


  13. Alice:

    being so lazy

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