Question 957

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18 Responses to “Question 957”

  1. Getting out of bed. Unfortunately, it’s only productive if I do it in less than a minute.

  2. Rachel:

    Hug my kiddos! Repeat as needed throughout the day and it is amazing what happens.

  3. Smile:)

  4. Mazl:

    feed the dog

  5. Someone:

    Turn off the timer and quit watching the clock. I’m more productive while not keeping time.

  6. Gina:

    In one minute I could write down a new vocabulary word for future study or work a simple math
    problem to keep my brain sharp.

  7. Becky:

    Stand up and stretch-it refreshes you and helps you be more productive after you do it

  8. Melanie:

    Floss my teeth or write a short note.

  9. Rob:

    I one minute I can tell someone that I care

  10. Me:

    take a deep breath and pause to observe the beauty around me

  11. chelsea:

    power of sending good/warm energy to someone else..

  12. Karina:

    Giving a smile to a stranger or making someone laugh

  13. Brody Camp:

    Light a fire.

  14. Prayer…

  15. Strider:

    Breath. And know that it is not your last.

  16. DaaaWeeveQueen:


  17. Jaki:

    Breathe and meditate on ideas for poetry and creativity. I need to do that more…it’s really fun and relaxing.

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