Question 958

Photo by: Jason Tabarias

14 Responses to “Question 958”

  1. Susan:


  2. Me:

    my self belief

  3. Mazl:

    my focus

  4. Ashley:

    my cell phone! and my car keys…

  5. Shelby:

    my trust, but I’m learning to judge better.

  6. Ashley:

    My heart.

  7. Talia:

    my cell phone. ugh!

  8. tarbarme:

    Anything I need at that moment. Keys, cell phone, notes, pens and so on.

  9. Madeline:

    my jewelry

  10. Annabelle:

    My chapstick

  11. Osiris:

    My brain it seems

  12. DaaaWeeveQueen:

    MY SAgggy butthoel

  13. Jaki:

    My sewing needles. I swear, they’re the bobby pins of fiber arts!

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