Question 58

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  1. Bel:

    neither. its Morton Fork in my opinion.

  2. elisa:

    to love, even if you are not loved back

  3. ACD:

    “The greatest thing you’ll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return.”

  4. How can I answer that ๐Ÿ™‚
    Love is like coin and I love coin for coin itself.
    You ask me which side of coin I prefer, I would say I just like the coin, losing any side of it, it will simply not be a coin ๐Ÿ˜›
    And a coin always has two sides perfectly balanced~

  5. krissy:

    to love.

  6. Romer Jed:

    As much as I try to say that I would rather love than be loved.

    It’s painful to keep loving others, but not receive the same love back, or in the very least a feeling of mutuality between people.

    But, I do think to love is such a greater thing that to be loved.

  7. valerie:

    it is better to have loved and lost
    then to have never loved at all…

  8. katie.:

    To love.
    You’ll get it in return.

  9. Kristina:

    To love.

    As you feel more emotions and experience a lot more when you get to truly love someone. When you are loved, you don’t feel as much and don’t quite understand what the meaning of love (if you haven’t experienced love, that is.) when the other person feels it, not you.

  10. Fran:

    id rather love someone who didnt love me, then be loved by someone I didnt love

  11. Cassie:

    To love <3

  12. Carrie:

    You cannot fully appreciate being loved until you have loved, but you shall never truely be able to love until you have been loved.
    They go together, hand in hand. What matters most is to be yourself, live open minded, and let the love flow.

  13. krishna:

    To be loved

  14. melinda:

    to love.

  15. Nic:

    To be loved… so you can choose to love or not to love
    To love without being loved is one of the most hurtful things

  16. you must first love yourself, or you cannot truly love another.

  17. you must first love yourself, or it is impossible to love another

  18. audri:

    to love is healthier but everyone needs to be loved

  19. lauren:

    to love. it’s more rewarding.
    being loved just comes in return.
    loving is something one can control, and should do.

  20. Noes:

    To love is the most precious experience you can ever have. And also a very rare experience.

  21. Adel:

    Both. To love provides self-stability and assertiveness. To be loved brings stability in case it’s requainted (and only then).

  22. EmilyBee:

    to love.

  23. Babs:

    to love

  24. t is more important to love. And it is blessed to be loved.

  25. To love, I suppose.

  26. you can only be loved if you love others. so to love is much more important. and also rewarding.

  27. Nelvin:

    This is just like, it’s better to give than to receive.

  28. To love.

    i loved and was loved in return.

    now that the relationship is over, i believe it was a great experience to truly love another besides yourself.

  29. Kacie:

    To love, because eventually, it will come back to you.

  30. April:

    To love. It’s like giving instead of receiving. I think it’ll make you happier in the end.

  31. Amanda:

    To love. When you love, it’s easier to feel love in return

  32. jeremy robert cabrera:

    if you could not love what would the point in being loved be?

  33. Nick:

    To love is much better.

  34. ะฎะปะธั:

    To be loved)

  35. Old Proverb:

    Which is more important to a bird? The right wing or the left?

  36. Rowena:

    To love.

    If you want people to love you… you must love them back.

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