Question 59

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  1. Carrie:

    I like to think Karma works for the postives too- though many people tend to think of the negatives.
    I try to be a good person, do what I think is right. Help somebody when they need it- even if they think they don’t, be a shoulder to a friend, and a friend to my family. I try not to give anybody a reason to dislike me, but I’d rather speak my peace and let what happens happen.
    If that means the Karam train is going to bite me in the ass, so be it, but I think I’ve lived my life pretty riotously thus far…

  2. Devon:

    What goes around comes around. That’s for sure – I’ve experienced it first hand. And that’s why I always do my best to do the right thing.

  3. melinda:


  4. Cassie:


  5. valerie:

    unfortunately both… 😐

  6. moca:

    I believe in Karma and that nobody is perfect so it would be both because we both do good things and bad things, but this wouldn’t be one event we feel the consequences of our actions all the time, thats part of life.

  7. mandy:

    look up calvin terrell. he will change your life. thats who i got this quote from, when he came to speak to my school. its amazing.

  8. Eden:

    I don’t believe in Karma.

  9. Both. The good karma is a pleasant surprise, but the bad karma strikes when you least expect it – and then knowing you deserve it makes it so much worse.

  10. Adel:

    Sadly, for some of us (me included) the reverse Karma laws apply (you give out the good, you get back the bad). Only God can reward us ultimately.

  11. Devon:

    If i were to be repaid for all of my actions in the manor of which would be normal, (do good, get good; do bad get bad). Then i would be swimming in an ocean of love and respect. However, most of my actions lead to absolutely no reward of any kind. In fact, for the way things have been going, i would prefer to receive nothing. Because the little i have been rewarded for my good deeds, has turned out to be more, and more bad.

  12. Hurt like a bitch.

  13. Flower:

    Knowing what I know now, it’d help me.

  14. i’m sure it would even out.

  15. April:


  16. Gem:

    i’d like to think it would do me good, and if everything i did before i made a conscious effort to improve myself as a person came back to me, then there would be a lot of pain.. but i feel karma has already acted on that, and that if it were nly for the past 3 or so years it would be mostly good 🙂

  17. Samantha:

    both…it would hurt in the moment but happen me to grow into myslf in the end

  18. Amanda:


  19. Nick:

    It would hurt me at first but it would help me eventually as these were the things that taught me life lessons.

  20. Kristen Deneuve:

    If somebody would be there for me in the way I’m always there for the whole fucking world I’d finally have peace of mind.

  21. Rowena:


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