Question 969

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19 Responses to “Question 969”

  1. Susan:

    A hypocrite who says she “loathes” me, while at the same time professing to be a Christian.

  2. sheed:

    My ex-‘boyfriend’. Who needs to know when it is time to stop if he has nothing to offer in return.

  3. Mazl:

    the musings in my mind

  4. Talia:

    My stepchildren – who do not speak to me.

  5. Rob:

    The news. Any and all of it.

  6. Aiyana:

    Thinking about the past, drama, and reality TV.

  7. Kat:

    Irrational worries

  8. Rarity:

    television, internet, sleeping, pop culture…

    but for some reason I feel pressured to give them all even more attention.

  9. Katie:

    People’s bad attitudes. I should really be able to shake them off and not care…

  10. Gilbas:


  11. kate b:

    Anderson Cooper, I’m addicted to his show.

  12. Madeline:

    relationship matters

  13. Lauren:

    My fears and self-doubt. I know it exists to test my faith or my resolve; but I have to stop it from robbing me of the minutes I would be putting into that cause.

  14. SSMM:


  15. Navyshebee:

    My anger, self acceptance should be put in its place.

  16. shay:

    My boyfriend

  17. Renee:

    my thoughts about the past …

  18. DaaaWeeveQueen:

    mah kidd probbaly

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