Question 973

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21 Responses to “Question 973”

  1. Eva Marie:

    Something you can live without

  2. SSMM:

    possible without any pain.
    Pains shape —> A happiness (Characters are the same!)

  3. Mazl:

    so elusive if we are content to enjoy the simplicities of life and accept it’s transient nature

  4. Talia:

    Something that just happens – it is created.

  5. something that can be given.

  6. Rob:

    Without it’s challenges
    Anything other than a state of mind

  7. Tobias:


  8. Conor:

    a state that you reach once you achieve certain goals. You reach it by enjoying the process of achieving, or failing, or just living.

  9. Ashley:

    a contest

  10. Madeline:

    Happiness is not to be taken for granted.

  11. anything without God in our hearts.

  12. Complete without our family, friends and GOD.

  13. Unbelievaburgers:

    on the menu at Waffle House.

  14. Osiris:

    Happiness is NOT a warm gun

  15. Navyshebee:


  16. Julia:

    what if

  17. Rarity:

    from another person


    money/alcohol/5star hotel/branded clothes/big house

  19. Nick:


  20. Haataja:

    about being afraid what others will think of you if you do this or that. You just do what feels right to you and abandon the rest.

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