Question 976

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19 Responses to “Question 976”

  1. Susan:

    Confidence comes from knowing something inside and out

  2. Stephanie:

    Accomplishing things helps my confidence. Accomplishing the challenging or impossible is empowering. 😀

  3. Madeline:

    seeing how I affect others lives, even if just a little, I’ve made a difference.

  4. Ai:

    trying the things which i thought it i can’t

  5. AdamOdes:

    Letting go, giving it up, releasing control.

  6. mandyy:


  7. Unbelievaburgers:

    When I look inside my soul and find its p-value is < .05
    Sometimes it even gets to < .01, at which point I have to fend off bitches with a stick. Bitches hate chalking shit up to chance.

  8. Victoria:

    Knowing truth in a matter. Knowledge.

  9. Osiris:

    A good pair of pants. 😀 Accomplishing goals, doing good deeds and God.

  10. powerjo:

    accomplishing a challenge makes me a confident person

  11. Alice:

    being smart

  12. SwagQueen:

    Geeteenn outta jail an getten a new weveee

  13. deadmile:

    Just being an optimist and not letting other people bring me down.

  14. Arabella:

    Knowing that I’ll be able to get back up despite setbacks

  15. SwagQueen:


  16. RaveVixen:

    FaYgO & MiRaClEs MoThErFuCkErS! :O)

  17. My Mom:

    My giant breasts.

  18. Julie:

    If everyone can do, I can do also. 🙂

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