Question 979

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21 Responses to “Question 979”

  1. Susan:

    A weight/strength training program.

  2. meditation and yoga!

  3. Logiccat:

    My doctoral thesis on sexuality and spirituality.

  4. alwaysbelive:

    To know my Bible more intimately

  5. Rob:

    I’d like to experience the feeling of being debt free.

  6. Henry:

    Speed reading, working at our local hospital and programming microcontrollers.

  7. Wesley:

    Start planning our wedding <3

  8. Renee:

    education for something i find my passion in … save $, no more debt 😛

  9. Talia:

    Be debt free!

  10. Osiris:

    Being a better me. Being able to do the things with myself that I haven’t been able to.

  11. Karen:

    exercise and meditate through prayer and scripture study.

  12. Jenna:


  13. dada:

    education for something i find my passion in

  14. A job!


    improve myself towards a DOCTOR

  16. SwagQueen:

    latttaa druggs

  17. powerjo:

    kayaking every week during the summer instead of just once

  18. Debi:

    Lose weight, exercise more.

  19. Courtney:

    Staying with my girlfriend, coming out to my parents.

  20. Judy:

    Have sex with my new boyfriend.

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