Question 980

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19 Responses to “Question 980”

  1. Jenna:

    I’d like to stop being a lazy, unproductive bum, and drugs.

  2. Susan:

    Being ungrateful.

  3. Mazl:

    eating so much yoghurt

  4. dada:


  5. jo:

    always feeling obliged to play by the rules.

  6. Talia:


  7. Alice:


  8. Henry:


  9. living. may God do me a grace and take my life.

  10. Arabella:

    Spending so much time uselessly surfing the internet


    wasting of time for useles things or talking abt 3rd party..

  12. Himanshu:

    Procastination and day-dreaming

  13. Debi:

    Stop biting my nails!

  14. Navyshebee:

    Being so down and negative, learning to live with such pain but not putting the energy in to it but into what is wonderful in my life.

  15. Nic:

    I’d like to stop obsessing over the death of my partner and feel ready to move on.

  16. jess:

    I’d like to stop, doing things without thinking about it first.

  17. Juliet:

    Thinking about my life when I’m a lot older. It makes my present life feel like time isn’t going by.

  18. Julie:

    pleasing someone.

  19. Gale:

    Worrying about my decisions and how others think I am. Stop spending so many hours on the internet and wanting everything to be perfect.

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