Question 983

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19 Responses to “Question 983”

  1. Blink:

    Following your dream career.

  2. Susan:

    Training for, running and finishing a marathon. 26.2 miles baby!

  3. dada:

    almost any 🙂

  4. SwagQueen:

    fidden a man 2 take mi 2 KFFCC

  5. Rob:

    Any worth striving for

  6. Managing the inner chatter and not allowing in negative thoughts.

  7. Mazl:

    a determination to shed any negative baggage

  8. talia:

    Finishing college.Hard, but so very worth it!

  9. Osiris:

    Acceptance. Once you can accept something, it will be easier to move on. Accepting doesn’t mean something is wrong or right, it’s being a peace with what is and with yourself.

  10. Being more outgoing and talking to people! Sometimes uncomfortable, but then you find yourself surrounded by amazing people! 🙂

  11. Navyshebee:

    To stop any habit, whether it be smoking, alcohol, drugs, the benefits are tremendous but the work towards it is tough.

  12. Olivia:

    discovering each day the beauty of the world

  13. Austin:

    Be able to fully dance without the fear of others eyes and thoughts

  14. schoolgirl:

    singing in front of a crowd, not giving it to negative thoughts and temptation.

  15. Unbelievaburgers:

    Making sure she exercises her right to choose.

  16. Julie:

    let go someone, and change your outlook for a better future. 🙂

  17. Finding the right person and spending the days with

  18. Jaki:

    Getting healthy.

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