Question 984

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22 Responses to “Question 984”

  1. Henry:

    The world is simple enough. Nothing is as complicated as it seems on first sight.

  2. Mazl:

    the process of compromise

  3. Susan:


  4. talia:


  5. Rob:

    Love, then again I think I create all those complications

  6. Life.

  7. Eva Marie:

    Nothing should be made more simple because only the complicated things are actually worth fighting for.

  8. Osiris:

    To love. Not just to be in love with one person, but to spread love to everyone as well. It really is simple, we just all make it difficult for some reason.

  9. RB:

    Writing this paper.

  10. Arabella:

    Seeing the amazingness in others

  11. Olivia:

    living now and here without fear, pride and prejudice 🙂

  12. DavidCA65:

    My relationship with God!

  13. Nick:

    getting an education

  14. Juliet:

    waiting for…………………………

  15. Helena:

    Giving blood

  16. Finding your purpose.

  17. ella:


  18. Complimenting others

  19. Jaki:


  20. _Me_:

    Me !

  21. Ashley:


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