Question 987

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15 Responses to “Question 987”

  1. Olivia:

    the inconsolable sorow of regret

  2. Mazl:

    treating life as a rehearsal

  3. jo:

    never knowing what could have been.

  4. Rob:

    Not knowing what you have learned from that mistake. Without learning we can not progress

  5. Jodie:

    the acceptance that you have settled.

  6. Attahir:

    Not giving a trial. Thus, to make a mistake is not a mistake but to repeat.

  7. Karina:


  8. Juliet:

    knowing even realizing that you made one.

  9. Juliet:

    revised *Not even realizing that you made one (a mistake)*
    hehe oops

  10. Jennifer:

    wondering “what if?”

  11. ella:

    not giving a trial to a chance…

  12. KK:

    not trying

  13. Lauren:

    The misery of unsustainable happiness.

  14. KK:

    “what if I’d only…..”

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