Question 989

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11 Responses to “Question 989”

  1. Blink:

    Getting a job in London once I qualify, completing the emergency medicine courses I want

  2. Rob:

    All of them

  3. Susan:

    I’m a runner.
    Due to a knee injury, my husband has not been able to run since he was 9 yrs old.
    He just had full knee replacement surgery.
    He wants to run with me.
    It’s possible he just might.
    I’m interested …

  4. Osiris:

    Living a better healthier life and actually achieving these goals in life that I really want to accomplish. There’s hope, there’s happiness and love and more of it is coming and happening. I am really excited on this new journey I am on by finally getting the help I need and addressing things.

  5. dada:

    the ability to set up my family with this nice guy who gives so much to me now

  6. Mazl:

    after too much unexpected and overwhelming sadness this year, I look forward to a change – a bright and happy 2013, taking up what had to be put on hold….

  7. Juliet:

    graduating college
    succeeding in life
    dying knowing that I achieved everything that I ever wanted.
    going to heaven

  8. Unbelievaburgers:

    so many… just so many… so many places to relieve myself…

  9. les:

    inspiring others and living my life as happily as i can

  10. Being accepted with the person I’m loving right now.

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