Question 991

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16 Responses to “Question 991”

  1. Olivia:

    For a split second, I remain oblivious to the shitty things in my life

  2. Rob:

    I know I’m content in my world when I make progress on my goals, I need balanced internal space to do this. Happy is simply prolonged content

  3. m:

    I suddenly realize I’m singing/humming to myself…

  4. Henry:

    When those million thoughts in my brain are silenced…

  5. Jo:

    when i’m lost in the moment

  6. Stephanie:

    When I feel how the girl in the photo looks. Most times I’m happy, btw. 😀

  7. Mazl:

    I like to think of myself as an innately happy person, it’s just that other things can temporally mask this…or so I tell myself!!

  8. Grace:

    Whenever i feel peace even though my life isn’t perfect and it’s difficult. A moment when you look around and find that you wouldn’t change a thing. Perfect, beautiful, untaintable bliss.

  9. les:

    When i am excited for being alive and well, here, right now, and i cant wipe the smile out of my face

  10. Helena:

    When you feel lighter inside! Even though there might be something you’re not looking forward to it’s not an impending emotion and it doesn’t take over

  11. Courtney:

    Not worrying

  12. It is when no negativity can ruin my day

  13. When I’m inside someone

  14. Melissa:

    When I’m not afraid to live life alone.

  15. Ash:

    when i’m with him

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