Question 997

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17 Responses to “Question 997”

  1. Rob:

    My determination.

  2. cayris:

    Having to watch your child hurt because of someone’s self concerned behavior.

  3. Mazl:

    having no yoghurt in the fridge

  4. Susan:

    For me, three things come to mind —
    – Letting go
    – Change
    – Death

  5. ksemya:

    stop thinking about thoughts.

  6. lily:

    Not being with the person you love because fate picked that you should walk a different path.

  7. Cindy:

    …than letting go of the person you thought you were supposed to spend the rest of your life with. The one you were supposed to make a life with, have adventures with, smile with, laugh with, shine with. Instead of the one you cried over, built a wall of distrust around and had to leave even though you still love them. And then wondering if it was actually your fault because you didn’t tell them enough how much their actions were hurting you or maybe just realizing you did, they just didn’t care.

  8. Corine s ortega:

    Masked Rejection from someone u love .

  9. Rejection

  10. Arabella:

    Having the courage to say something that may potentially hurt one of your loved ones

  11. Sabrina:

    Starting over–again.

  12. Osiris:

    Nothing is harder than never letting go and accepting. Nothing is harder when you don’t allow yourself to heal and move on to happiness again.

  13. Gimi:

    nothing is tougher than the feeling of disappointment

  14. Jaki:

    Letting go.

  15. Navyshebee:

    Surviving and quality of life after major trauma

  16. Realizing that family just isnt for everyone. That no matter what u do, u cant make people love u for u. Choosing being someone ur not? Or choosing a family?

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