Question 1000

Photo by: J.T. Noriega

15 Responses to “Question 1000”

  1. Rob:

    There are very few things that scare me in this life. Snakes would be about the only one

  2. Talia:

    Snakes for sure. And anything bad happening to my loved ones.

  3. KK:

    death…the true realization that the conscious world as I know it will cease to exist

  4. Susan:

    The thought of losing my husband or son scares me.

  5. Mazl:

    I try to quickly dismiss any fearful thoughts but I wouldn’t like to be slowly tortured or starved to death or eaten alive …

  6. Susan:

    Congratulations on the 1000th Thought Question! Cool!

  7. Osiris:

    What if…

  8. Debi:

    financial issues, drowning, who will care for my children when I’m gone…

  9. Trace:

    reconciling with my inlaws

  10. Carmén Roxanyeli:

    Wait too long for something that never gonna happen

  11. Gimi:

    Everybody in my family will disappear one day and I cannot see them anymore

  12. Anne:

    The death of my son

  13. Coming back to this world again , after death.

  14. orellana:

    the future

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