Question 1001

Photo by: Chris Lofqvist

29 Responses to “Question 1001”

  1. george:

    the beautiful pictures on this page, which is my homepage

  2. Rob:

    The sound of a V twin motorcycle coming to life.
    Btw, great picture

  3. Osiris:

    My kitten, she’s a very determined little girl who will make sure she gets your attention one way or another

  4. Sabrina:

    the sky. Love the picture.

  5. Ana:


  6. Talia:

    A well dressed person -male or female.

  7. Kristin:

    Music that speaks the words I could never say better myself

  8. Jen:


  9. Susan:

    A beautiful, cloudy, rainy day.

  10. Mazl:

    a dog, any dog .. .

  11. Dee:

    Happy baby noises and dogs playing

  12. Trace:

    Anything to do with the ocean.

  13. Carmén Roxanyeli:

    Smiling people

  14. z:

    goodlooking person

  15. BlueFERRARI:

    A beautifull heart.

  16. Rod:

    The fun answer: squirrel! The thoughtful answer: music, Doris Kearns Goodwin talking about history, Dana Carvey, the comedian, talking about his observations of society. My boyfriend.

  17. Gimi:

    An interesting question always takes my notice

  18. Rain and good music

  19. Sandi:

    My two year old and a great sunset.

  20. George:

    A nice set of tits.

  21. k:

    sunsets and people who are crying

  22. Wesley:

    The smile on my fiancee’s face.

  23. H:

    Being reminded every day why I can’t have him and why I still love him…

  24. jorel:

    Sexy ladies

  25. Nicole:

    His eyes.

  26. Al:

    I think these are the main ones.-

  27. sabrina:

    how intelligent animals really are

  28. Ash:

    when he hugs me from behind and surprises me with little things

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