Question 1003

Photo by: Jurgen Lison

8 Responses to “Question 1003”

  1. Rob:

    This year is almost over…. Next year I’d like to have all my debts paid off and a good savings account

  2. Solomon:

    one good thing i will like to do is to live for my creator

  3. Solomon:

    I will like to be part of this Q/A

  4. I will buy a new car this year … but this is for the coming year as this year is almost over.

  5. Mazl:

    I’d like to sit under that umbrella in the picture next to my lovely one and then run down to the water, swim far out and wait for a BIG wave to take me back to shore again….. but that water looks a bit timid so I’d be waiting a looooooong time….that’s ok…I’ll wait. .. . … ..

  6. dada:

    I’d love to find some creative hobby that would become my new job

  7. Navyshebee:

    Learn to use my spinning wheel

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